Advanced Acting

This course is a continuation of the Basic Acting Course. All the tools and skills you learned about in the Basic Acting will be advanced even further in this course. As an actor your job is to lie, how good a liar are you really? You not only develop your talent, skill, emotional quality, creativity etc, but also yourself: as acting is about creating an extension of yourself which is true to everyday life. This course culminates in a practical and written exam.

Course Outline

  • Acting and camera terminology - every actors needs to know their craft i.e. behind the scenes
  • Character development (quality) - how convincing are you
  • Listening versus hearing - an actor’s most important tool
  • Understanding reality of emotions vs. reaction - talking heads and energy
  • Bottom lining - reactions
  • Rhythm and physicality - mood and atmosphere
  • Dry crying vs. real crying - dramatic tragedy
  • Team work, touch, trust - feeding off each other and giving back
  • Understanding the subconscious
  • Psychology of mind versus character
  • Professionalism in your career - whatever actor needs to be reminded of.