Basic Acting

This course focuses directly on what directors look for in acting. It helps everybody; an amateur actor wanting to develop their skills OR an accomplished actor who wants to brush up on their skills. It teaches you the tools needed, which all international and local actors are required to use and know. It allows the student to learn about acting in a realistic way which is similar to everyday life since acting is about portraying an everyday slice of life in a realistic and naturalistic manner. I offer a version of this course for kids too.

Course Outline:

  • Use of voice - warming up your voice
  • How to go to a casting - Preparation for a casting; Translate preparation into an on camera performance; Handling the call back and meeting the client.
  • Tools of acting - business; status levels, listing skills, acting vs. reacting
  • Character building - Different ways to approach characterization; Exercises aimed at physical and vocal transformation, including a detailed look at mannerisms, speech patterns, posture, gesture and clothing.
  • Monologues/Duologues - How to analyze a scene using the following tools: Overall Objective; Scene Objective, Obstacles; Beats and Actions; Place and Fourth Wall; Inner Objects and Doings.
  • Textual analysis - Modulation; Improvisation Structured and Unstructured - as a vehicle for harnessing the power of the imagination, being spontaneous and collaborating with fellow actors.
  • Memorizing of lines and blocking.
  • The basics of acting technique, including finding motivation and uncovering subtext
  • Stanislavski techniques