Communication Skills

Great communication skills, comes with the power to influence and encourage others and yourself in a team setting. Whether you are a manager, team leader or an individual contributor, this course is for anyone who wishes to become an effective team player in the workplace.

Course Outline

  • Leadership skills and styles - The Leadership Process Model.
  • Set clear communication planning objectives - Difine your goals using Locke's Goal Setting Theory and then the most effective methods of delivery.
  • 11 Questioning Techniques - Managing feedback and complaints.
  • Communication Flow in the organisation - Preventing poor communication by using the Ladder of Inference
  • Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent person - Understanding humility, Level-5 Leader
  • Communication Tools - Apply the principles of good communication to various communication channels.
  • Prepare an action plan for your future development.
  • Understanding the Communication Process - Communication styles, communication flow, 6-Step Communication Planning Process.
  • 5 Communication Styles - Helps give clarity to your communication process
  • Indentify and develop methods to break down those Effective Communication Barriers.
  • Demonstrating communication skills - Learn how to combine the 7 C's of Communication, Active Listening, Body Language and being Assertive to help you communicate with impact.
  • Planning Communication Strategy - Identify your Communication Outcome and plan the best approach for achieving positive results.
  • Conflict Resolution - Using Bell and Hart's 8 Causes of Conflict, dealing with Unfair Criticism and The Betari Box.