Public Speaking

This is a course specifically designed to help you when speaking publicly. Public speaking is a process of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners. It is closely allied to "presenting". Public speaking is commonly understood as a kind of face-to-face speaking between individuals and an audience for the purpose of communication. Developing skills in this area will increase your confidence and reduce anxiety about situations in which you may be called upon to speak in public. Public Speaking can branch out into the following careers: motivational speaking, leadership/personal development, business, customer service, large group communication, and mass communication.

Course Outline

  • Voice control establishing an adequate breathing to improve quality of voice
  • Stage presence X-factor
  • Pitch and resonance
  • Tone what tone to use in your speech
  • Body language hands, posture
  • Delivery modulation, controlling the voice - inflection
  • Articulation - Diction
  • Enunciation - Vowels
  • Audience relationship: What is the bottom line? How to connect and interact.
  • How to apply assertive verbal skills to capture and maintain audience interest.
  • Managing public speaking anxiety
  • Using humour
  • Understanding the various types of speeches and how to prepare, practice and analyze
  • Types of speeches: Acceptance, Charity, Christmas, Demonstrative, Descriptive, Entertaining, Eulogies/Memorials, Impromptu, Informative, Inspirational, Layout, Motivational, Narrative, New Year, Persuasive, Retirement/Farewell, Team, Thank you.